April 21, 1915

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To tine Vicomte du Peloux


1er Étranger,

Apr. 21, 1915.

Dear Sir:

I have only time for a short letter as that long-looked-for period of repose has arrived. We leave the trenches to-night for the rear and for a rest. I do not know where we will go. The depot is at Lyon and we may go there or we may be sent to Camp Mailly.

I am enclosing an international money order for ten dollars that one of the boys here has and does not know how to get the money. His name is Russell Kelly, who went to Virginia Military Inst. the year after I was there. The sender is James E. Kelly, his father, a lawyer, whose address is 45 Broadway, New York City. This is the first money Kelly has had since being here, so I would like for you to send it to me at once and charge to my account until order has been cashed. Also, send me one hundred francs, as I may need it in repose. If we are in the rear long I will try to get to Paris, though I have no idea what the chances are.

I received your letter yesterday and enjoyed hearing. I really had plenty of clothes all winter, and the reason I wrote Paul about the underwear was for summer. I consider that I have put you to enough trouble without having you do things that Paul can do for me. I received the package of eatables the second day, back in the trenches, and have enjoyed all the contents. I was glad it came while I was in the trenches.

Tell Paul about my being on the way to the rear.

Regards to your wife.

Sincerely yours,

Kiffin Y. Rockwell.

P. S.   Address me the same as before.