June 8, 1915

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Hospital 101,

Rennes, June 8, 1915.

Dear Mamma:

Paul went back to Paris Saturday and so I am all alone now. I am still in bed but hope soon to get up. My wound has closed up very nicely but of course the muscles are still rather sore and the side where the bullet came through has to heal over, which will take some time as the hole is rather large.

I received a letter from one of the boys of my squad, telling me what happened after I was wounded. There were six Americans in my squad and eight others of different nation­alities. We all fell but the other five Americans and the corporal who was a very good friend of mine. He was a Moor and spoke a little English. The second day of the fighting he took command of the company. Two battalions of about half strength have been formed out of the whole regiment.

We are all watching the U. S. now. If she wants to keep up her name and be respected by other nations, I don’t see how she will keep from fighting. If she does declare war it ought to be easy for you to get a good commission for me. If troops were to be sent over here I could stay in France and be quite a lot of assistance when the troops arrive.

I have received but little mail from U. S. since I changed Régiment s. However, the Vicomte du Peloux keeps me posted. Write me in care of him, or of Paul.

Much love,