May 2, 1915

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To the Vicomte du Peloux

1er Étranger,

May 2, 1915.

Dear Sir:

I received your two letters yesterday with the mandat for 151.50 francs and am returning the money order, signed by Kelly. Haven’t been to the trenches yet since coming up here. In fact I am very puzzled as to what we are up to, as we keep moving around. We are now within one kilo­meter of a railroad station and it would not surprise me if we take train again for some other sector, though we may go straight into the trenches from here. We get the papers, and of course they explain a good deal to us. Anyway, what­ever we are planning to do, it is a great change from the last six months and to me is proving a mental and a physical rest.

We have had a number of rumors regarding Italy and other countries but I am of the same opinion as you and will not believe Italy in the struggle until I see it. I think Italy has shown herself a coward and very selfish, but in spite of that the Italians in the Legion have proved themselves very good soldiers and I like the ones we have in this company very much.

It is fine weather here and we are all taking life about as easy as possible in the army.

Tell Paul about this letter.

Regards to your wife.

Sincerely yours,

Kiffin Y. Rockwell.