May 5, 1915

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1er Étranger,

Bon B. 2ème Cie.,

May 5, 1915.

Dear Paul:

Would have written you sooner but have not done any writing to speak of lately. I suppose the Vicomte du Peloux told you that we had changed sectors. Since the 24th of last month I have not done much of anything but travel around and at the same time have as good a time as possible. The last four days we have all been eating and drinking to a fare-you-well. We have been able to get all the wine we wanted, and things to make special meals. Each day we have had a big party. The only time we have done any work was night before last when we went to the trenches ten kilometers from here and worked out between the lines.

The bullets were pretty thick, and one of my friends, an Italian who had been in on all the parties, was killed near me. The same night Battalion D had four killed and fifteen wounded. The night before, Battalion C lost fifteen. All this was without any real fighting. I hate to think of what is going to happen soon, for we are all going into hard action. A big battle is going to commence soon, and we have already received instructions as to what our position will be in it and what we have got to do. It is no rumor this time. I have seen the troops, artillery, etc., enough to con­vince me. So in the meantime we are making the best of things and getting the most out of life possible. To-night, we go down to the trenches, I think to stay a couple of days.

I was sorry to hear that some of my letters home had been published, as I do not want any publicity or fame, and do not care to write for the newspapers. This is not a very good let­ter, but it will have to do for to-day. I will write again soon.