War Letters of Kiffin Yates Rockwell

is a book published by Paul Ayres Rockwell, Kiffin’s brother. The book is an accumulation of letters that Kiffin wrote during his time serving with the French in World War I. He was unwilling to wait on the United States to rise to a heroic position. He and Paul took it upon themselves to move forward and join in on the attack against injustice. Read this and any other accounts to discover the hero in yourself. The linked title will open a new window/tab where you can purchase the printed book and the ebooks.

Heroically Yours,

Kiffin Ayers

This book was originally printed in 1925 by Paul Ayres Rockwell, the brother of Kiffin Yates Rockwell. These brothers are my, Shane Kiffin Ayers, 3rd Cousins 3-times removed, and I am named after Kiffin. Paul compiled this book to honor his brother and many others as they fought for justice in the world. These letters give a peek into the window of real soldiers doing unimaginable work. Enjoy & Shalom on your Journey to becoming a Hero!
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